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Recent Projects and Photos by Quality Control Pressure Washing Services

Wooden Patio Deck Cleaning and Paint Preparation in Surrey, BC

This was a back yard wooden patio deck we cleaned and prepped for painting. In the pictures you can see a before, half way through, and an after. This deck turned out very nice when finished and is m […]

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Wooden Patio Deck Cleaning and Preparation for Painting in Surrey, BC

Here we were given the job to clean a back yard wooden patio deck that needed to be done before painting. To get the best results first we pre wet the deck as it was a very hot day. Then we coate […]

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House Washing and Pressure Cleaning in Surrey, BC

This was a project we did in Surrey, BC. This included a roof, house, concrete(front and back), walkways and stairs/patio in the back. We did a nice house wash and pressure cleaning all around the […]

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House Washing and Patio Washing in Surrey, BC

This was a job we did in Surrey, BC. We did a moss removal on one part of the roof, a house wash, front/back concrete, back patio and walkway. Down the steps In the back and down below in the base […]

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Townhouse and Building Front Cleaning in Downtown Vancouver, BC

This was a cold water only no treatment pressure washing job. Downtown Vancouver pressure washing went awesome as you see the results are day and night. With that being said we always suggest using […]

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Fresh Curb and Driveway Appeal in South Vancouver, BC

We did these curbs and driveways for this apartment complex. This job consisted of Pressure washing and rinsing and making sure it looks good so that they are happy before we leave the property […]

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Soft Washing Vinyl Siding Building Complex in Tsawwassen, BC

Huge 4,000 square feet + building complex. We did all of the vinyl siding around the building, Stucco siding on the roof, along with a window washing to finish off the cleaning. This building was […]

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Staircase and Back Entrance to Garage Building Cleaning in Richmond, BC

This building needed a clean really bad. It had moss and algae growing everywhere and it was super caked on. After treating it with the right solution, the concrete and stairs look much better but no […]

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Front Entrances and Driveways for Townhouses in South Vancouver, BC

We were given the job to wash and revive these front steps, front entrance, and the rear driveways of these townhouses in South Vancouver. We at Quality Control always want to give the best res […]

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